A Big Payoff

You know how I was gripping the other day about how hard this parenting thing is? Well, I, my friend, had a huge payday on the parenting front. In fact we’ve had a lot lately, but this one in particular just melted me.

Little P loves to get flowers at the grocery store and then help me arrange them in a vase (not a vase…VAAAAAAze!). Lately, I’ve been using my Grandmother’s “Fostoria” VAAAAAze. Its cool and a little retro. And I’ve been told its a really cool treasure to have. Well…as I was cutting the flowers, the scissors slipped out of my hands and BROKE it! I looked at Little P and she looked at me and I just lost it. I started boohooing crying. I got on the floor of the kitchen and put my head down and just cried. I was a little heartbroken by it. After a few moments. Little P got off the stool and got on the floor and just sat with me. Her little ole old soul just sat there…beside her pitiful, crying, puddle of a mother. Then she shot up and ran to her room.

As she walked back into the kitchen, I looked up from the floor, and she was holding her jewelry box (that’s full of bandaids. Ok- its really a bandaid box). She said “Mama, I’m going to fix it and make you happy again.” I’m crying just writing it…cause it was the sweetest thing that child has ever done.  And it sent me in another tizzy. Crying like you wouldn’t believe. And I’m pretty sure I was wailing a little bit too. She then started looking for a towel. When she found one, she handed it to me and said, simply “To wipe your tears away.” SERIOUSLY? She was either really interested in getting on Santa’s Nice List…or our parenting has paid off…BIG TIME!

She starting undoing bandaids and trying to hold the broken pieces on the VAAAAAze as I still lay in a puddle of tears on the floor. I could tell she was getting a little frustrated cause she couldn’t hold the pieces and put the bandaids on. So I picked myself off the floor and said I would help. She told me exactly how to hold the pieces so she could doctor the VAAAAAze. And as I’m crying, she’s fixing! She opens one bandaid after the other and comments on each one. “Oooh…its the Joker!” “Munchie will love this one cause its Mickey Mouse.” And throwing in a “Mama, I’m fixing it and it will make you happy.” I had to tell her three or four times that I wasn’t crying cause I was sad, I was crying cause I was so happy and so touched by what she was doing.

In the end…the VAAAAze and all its bandaids will live in my china cabinet….ALWAYS! And whenever she’s hitting her brother and stealing cookies (or meth! I’m kidding! Come on!) …I’ll look at it to remember that she really is an amazing kid!



PS…Little P has heard me tell this story a couple of times….And a couple of times since, she has said “Remember that time I fixed your VAAAAze and made you happy?” Then she asks for something. Heheehehehe! She is just almost 5 after all.

I’m a Talker

I had a big night out last night! By myself! Sans kids and husband! It doesn’t happen often. Not that I don’t “get” to, but I choose not too. I’d much rather say goodnight to my kids every night and sit on the couch with the husband…but it is nice every now and then to get out of the house and have some adult conversation! Which, apparently, I’m quite a talker. I think there are a few people from last night that are saying “please do not ever let her corner me in a room again!” Anywho….

Someone made the comment about not seeing me in a long time…to which I replied…”Cause I have 2 kids, and one goes to bed at 6 O’Clock at night!” Which sounded very “ugh…my kids drag me down.” Which I totally didn’t mean. Its just that your life is a lot different when you have kids. T and I have made the conscious effort to make sure that our lives changed. It had too. We can’t have a “baby in a bar….”! (Sweet Home Alabama reference??? Anyone?). So I tried to backtrack on what I had said. “No- I love being a mom, and at home all day with the kids.” Which, again, sounded very Woah is Me!

So I backtracked again.

“I love and adore being a Mom…I just don’t like being a parent.”

The poor guy I had cornered in the room said “Is there a difference?”

HUGE DIFFERENCE!! I love loving on my kids, baking with them, having fun, playing games, taking them on adventures, listening to their stories, watching them grow and develop, doing art projects with them…all that fun stuff. But I just don’t like parenting. The discipline, the rules, the teaching lessons, teaching values and morals. Its soooooo hard! And soooo time consuming. I feel like some days all I ever do is teach lessons. (“Be nice to your brother!” “That is an adult word…you can hear it but not say it!” “Stop interrupting!”, etc)  The way I see it…being a Parent is what you do to create social beings…being a Mom (or Dad)  creates individuals. (OK-Too Sociological? Sorry!). But its true.

I love my time creating individuals…so I’m going to concentrate more on that! I was never a rule follower anyway!! I mean, I know they go hand in hand. But being a Mom is much more fun!

So- today, as my little girl is a little under the weather…we’re going to have some fun. Watch movies all day (a big treat for her!), eat lunch on the sofa, let her paint her dollhouse like she wants to, and read books. I’ll probably have to tell her 15 times to pick up her toys off the floor, and to stop talking during the movie several times…but this individual needs some expressing!


IMG_2047 IMG_2052


Oh yeah…you see those photos behind P? That’s me in high school! Lovely huh? Hidden away in the closet!

The Decorating Continues

I was all about tasks today. Do you have begots? You know Be Gots? When you start one thing that leads to another that leads to another…your begots got begot-ted! That’s me! Pulling out the Christmas decorations made me spring clean all the other rooms in the house. I’m exhausted. It was so stupid. But I started and had to finish. I even moved furniture to clean behind and underneath. I was like a cleaning ninja. And then Little P came home and wanted to put the ornaments on the tree…and then I was a tree decorating ninja. But now I’m just an exhausted woman that had to take a butt load of ibuprofen just to sit on the couch all night to watch The Voice and The Blacklist!

And my kids ate left over donuts and yogurt for dinner! You win some, you lose some!

Little P not only helped me decorate the entire tree (there are large sections of the tree with lots and lots of ornaments and some sections that are completely bare!), but she also decorated her own tree in her room. Its lovely!

She put presents under the tree and then decorated with these trees and nutcrackers at the base of the tree.

She put presents under the tree and then decorated with these trees and nutcrackers at the base of the tree.


While we decorated the big tree we listened to Christmas tunes and I told her stories about all the ornaments and where we got them (which is why T won’t decorate the tree with me…he says he has heard all those stories before…so its someone else’s turn to hear it!). She loved putting all her ornaments on the tree. Every year I have bought her an ornament based on something she may have liked during the year, like 2 years ago it was Frosty the Snowman (he’s at the top of the tree), last year was Tinkerbell, one year was Elmo. But the best was she sang Away in the Manger the whole time. THE WHOLE TIME! Even though Christmas music was playing- she sang Away in the Manger. I asked her to sing the songs that were playing on the radio- and she said “Uh No! (in a teenage Valley Girl kind of way) Away in the Manger is my FAVorite!” So I started singing along with her!


Tomorrow- I’m going to finish painting the dollhouse so we can decorate it this weekend!

But for now, I’m off…to rest!

The Tree is Up…with very little cursing!

Well, maybe a little more cursing than should be used during the holidays…but its those lights! Those damn lights! But the tree, with the lights, is up! And that people…well, that is a big accomplishment considering nearly everything we tried this weekend did not work out as planned (although the few snags were no big deal and offered some nice perks…like burger fest Sunday!)

Our Thanksgiving was marvelously filling! I ate too slowly (you know, chasing a 17 month old and all), so I didn’t get to shovel as much in. Ohhhhhh….so that’s why they tell you to eat slowly? Hehehe. I couldn’t manage dessert…believe it or not, it was too sweet. What!? Yep! Too sweet for me. But that’s ok, I had enough spinach casserole (the most marvelous thing I’ve ever eaten…it had huge bread pieces/croutons on top that were pretty much soaking in butter….oh, i’ll think about that casserole for a long time!).

So now that the Thanksgiving feast is over, we can move straight into the Christmas season! Hooray! I have loads of projects in store for this month. I’m actually ecstatic that we got out PlayMobil Christmas Advent calendar early…cause we were able to actually start counting down today! (I’m usually about a week behind on getting one…yeah! for small accomplishments!).

This week we will make a Mickey Mouse Gingerbread House (Thank you Big Lots for the $10 for a great afternoon craft! (Big Lots didn’t pay me…I bought it…I’m just thankful I found one that cheap!))

I’m in midst of “redecorating” Little P’s dollhouse that she got for Christmas several years ago. I’m leaving the outside pink, but I’ve painted all the woodwork inside white. And I’ve painted all the bedrooms the various colors that are in our house (cause I had them, hence they were free!). I started “redecorating” the doll house because I saw a pin on Pinterest of a dollhouse decorated for Christmas. I loved the idea…so I started gathering little trees, little lights, really anything I think would work in the dollhouse. And one thing lead to another, and 2 weeks later, I’m still painting. Its all the prep work…UGH! But it will be really cool when I finish! I’m even recovering the sofa and the chair in the living room….CAUSE I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO DO!)

So that should be about it for this week. Oh, and I have to finish decorating the tree and the mantle, which, for some reason, always stresses me out. It NEVER looks like I envision it to!

We will be headed to the library this week to gather Christmas books for our Christmas Crafts. We did this last year and it was fun. I couldn’t find all the books, and some of them were pretty boring. But it was still fun!

Doesn't Munchie look excited to be there? He really did have a blast, he is just over my taking photos.

Doesn’t Munchie look excited to be there? He really did have a blast, he is just over my taking photos.

IMG_2034 IMG_2035 IMG_2036


Step Away from the Eggos!

As many of you may know, my old blog was called “Urban Farmwife.” I essentially really wanted to be a farmwife…but with a Starbucks and a Target right out my front door. I wanted to be a homemaker…well, I mean, I am a homemaker…but the kickass kind! The kind that canned, baked bread, knitted sweaters for my kids. Yeaaaah. That doesn’t happen. I’m just a homemaker trying to make it through the day…drinking lots of coffee (and vodka!) and buying my kids sweaters on the internet from China.

But I really do try to make “real” when I can. I love “real” homemade bread. I love “real” homemade chocolate chip cookies. I love “real” banana bread…and the kind that isn’t from a box.  Once a week I try to make muffins or bread or something that we can munch on first thing in the morning. And I hate, hate, hate processed breakfast foods. I want something real for breakfast. Eggs, bacon, (thank you Paleo for allowing me these!). But the other day, I broke down and hit the frozen aisle at the grocery. Did you know there are about 40 different types of Eggos now? Cinnamon toast Eggos, Blueberry, chocolate chip…and all of those come in a “mini” version. They even sell a “on-the go” package! In a moment of weakness, I got Mini Eggos, the plain ones, for my little ones. 

T says I like to complicate things…making all this “homemade crap” (as he so jokingly says!) just puts too much pressure on me. If I would just buy the “crap” in the grocery store- life would be so much easier…and the kids would probably like it better. Guess what…they loved those stupid waffles. Loved them. They’ve practically eaten the whole box. 




But just to show them…I’m off to make some Pumpkin Bread…from scratch…with fresh pumpkin made from our Halloween pumpkins! And they WILL love it! Boooyah!

My kid ate Costco samples for lunch today!


And I’m not proud. But it happened. And he loved it. The 4 cheese tortellini were his favorite, followed by the dark chocolate pumpkin seed bark (ok…that was really probably his favorite…and we went back for seconds).

And that is how it goes around here lately. Lots of improvising.

Things have changed since last time I blogged. I’m down to just 2 kids now. The niece and nephew moved back with their parents (oh the back story! Oh the drama! Oh how much we’ve learned). So it’s just Little P (who ain’t so little now!) and Mr. man, who really goes by Munchie (cause he loves to eat…and it’s a funny name of an old stoner friend of a friend…and we loved it!).

So I thought I’d give you a little pictured recap of the last 10 months, just to catch you up.

This little man turned 1!


This little girl is just precious. She eats away all my energy , all day long, with her talking. But I love it. She uses words like “actually”. And tells me when she can’t “handle” things.


T and I went on a cruise. It was bliss! We went to St. John and crashed the Westin, it was quite lovely.


This firecracker had a lemonade stand. She made $4. It made her day!


We paid too much for this tractor. Munchie loves it. He can’t pedal it. But he doesn’t care.


He also loves this trike. And it doesn’t have pedals, and he doesn’t care!


We have lots of ridey toys. She likes her princess bike ok! But really likes her helmet the best!


We went to the beach. The girl loves it.


Munchie just likes to eat at the beach.


He also likes when Mama makes cookies!


My little girl is such a creative soul. And I love her. This is her impromptu concert on the lawn.


She loves art class. This is her very own “Picasso”.


This grandmother of ours turned 103. Yes, I said 103. Isn’t she amazing. She used Vaseline on her face for 90 some years!!!!

Doesn’t Little P resemble her??

Little P was a Cowgirl Fairy for Halloween.


And Munchie was just “cute”!


And that’s the quick recap. I hope to see more of you around here!!

This Girl is on Fiiiiiirrrre!


I can’t tell you how much this little fiery 4 year old has my heart just whipped! I think she’s the most awesome little girl I know! But then again, I’ve created this monster too, so of course she has me whipped!

So, ever since the Cathy family/Chick Fil A made their beliefs about Gay Marriage soo abundantly clear (let’s face it, they’ve never shied away from their beliefs, but man, they’ve never been so adamant as they are now!), we’ve boycotted! We call it Hate Chicken around here. But I’ll be honest, its been hard! I love their food. Little P loves their food. That nugget tray brought it! But, I’m a firm believer that ALL people should be able to get married…like a big, really big believer in that- and they aren’t! So I’ve given it up/ We’ve given it up! Like I said, we call it Hate Chicken. Don’t tell anyone, but we make a very similar homemade version here- and we call it Tolerance Chicken!

Well, I had a craving! A mad craving! For the Chick Fil A! And T was right there with me! We were debating it in the car, with Little P in the backseat! I said “Well, Matthew (my gay cousin) goes…so if he goes its alright, right?”


She says from the back “NO! It is Hate Chicken. They DO NOT like us!”

We then tried to rationalize with her…”they like us, they just don’t want everyone to get married.”


We were laughing pretty hysterically at this point.

Really Little P? We can’t go? Just this one time!?

“NO! Its Hate Chicken!”

We didn’t go! And needless to say, we learned a very valuable lesson from our Little Fiery 4 year old!


Shame on us for questioning it!

Where We Are

This sums up my absence from the blogging world.

Little P says to me yesterday, as I’m pushing her and Mr. Man in the swing…

“MAMA…Entertain Me!” 

That’s what  I do! I entertain!

She might as well say “DANCE MONKEY!” Cause that’s what I do!

So she’s starting preschool on Monday!

A Smattering of Things

Hey there! It’s been a while, I know. It’s been a little nutty around these parts and blogging has been the very last thing I’ve been concerned about. I have missed my creative outlet, but to be honest, just trying to figure out what to pack in the kids lunches has been about the most creative energy that I have these days.

I totally wanted to remember a couple of things that happened though…and they are kinda funny…so I thought I’d share.

1) Little P screams…”I pooooooped” every time she….Errrr…poops. Yesterday, Thomas went to rescue her, and in true Little P fashion, she turned around to look at. She says “that is a big-ass turd Daddy!”

With that…this won’t surprise you.

2) I had a challenging day today with her. 45+ minutes in timeout in a 1.5 hour span-kinda rough time… If that tells you anything. Then The Girl broke a glass downstairs, which wasn’t a big deal at all…but when she put the vacuum cleaner up, she just shoved it in the closet, and when I went to open the closet it came crashing down on me. I grunted (and probably said an obscenity). Little P said “what did you do, Mama?” I replied…”I didn’t do anything, The Girl did.” Little P replies with “The Girl is always doing shit, Mama!”

3) And after she was finished with one of her many time outs…I asked her what she thinks would be a more effective punishment, since timeouts don’t seem to work. She said, very forthrightly…”maybe if you made me talk quietly…and not play basketball with the big kids.” Hehehe. See….we can’t get her to talk softly for the life of us…we are constantly telling her to lower her voice…and she can’t stand to play basketball with the big kids. She would rather sit on the sidelines and if someone falls or gets hurt she is the ambulance, and rushes to put blush on them…cause blush makes everything better!

4) Finally, today T and I celebrate 13 years of marriage. Man, I love that man! He still makes my heart skip a beat!!

Hopefully I will have a little more time to blog about all of our holiday cheer. I’m so excited for Christmas! W have lots of baking to do in the next week! And can’t wait to share goodies with our friends and family.

Let’s Get Serious for A Minute…

First and foremost…I’m over the moon excited about the election Tuesday night! So there!

Anywho…I get frustrated at lots of stupid stuff. Stepping on rows of Squinkies perfectly lined up on the art room floor. Basketballs left overnight outside, and kids flunking English (admittedly, that isn’t stupid…but still frustrating!). And these make me question my abilities to Mother… Cause they make me crazy! The Boy, who cares more about what he wears than doing his homework. The Girl who hates whole wheat bread. Little P who uses the word Turd…often. Mr. Man, who likes to be held, ALLLLLL the time!

But, you know what. Its when I look at this picture that all those little things kinda become just small parts of the overall circus that we are running. The beautiful, exciting, and perfectly synchronized circus that is our family.  When I see this picture, I don’t see the frustrations. I see The Boy, who is handsome and helpful! I see Little P is who is the brightest, loudest spirit I’ve ever encountered. The Girl who is the most gentle soul I’ve ever met. And Mr. Man who has a smile whose impression will last a lifetime on me. My circus of lovelies! My circus of happiness. My circus of excitement! My circus of love!

Ok- enough sappy crap! Looking forward to a weekend of adventures with my circus! I hope you all have a lovely weekend as well!

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